Kelsey Nixon is a recent interior design graduate based out of Toronto, Canada. After earning her Bachelor of Interior Design with Honours from RCC Academy of Design and completing a design internship in just 3 short years, she is now ready to start a new career in the exciting world of interior design!





Design is about people, and is always changing and taking on new forms. I believe that good design has the ability to enrich lives, but that it cannot exist in isolation. In order to create the impactful and long-lasting designs that designers crave, I truly believe it takes an amazing team of passionate, creative, and hard-working people to create this kind of success.


While I love all aspects of design, I am most passionate about universal design that integrates sustainable and ethical design practices. I am always inspired by new technologies and design innovations, and look forward to incorporating these elements in my work.



At the age of 3 my family moved from Vancouver to Toronto, where I grew up and spent my childhood. However, I always maintained a strong connection to Western Canada. After completing high school, I headed back west to Whistler, British Columbia to live the mountain dream. Having been bit by the travel bug at a young age, I jumped at the opportunity when life took me to Europe, where I spent 18-months travelling and living in some pretty amazing places, including 8-months in Holland and 4-months in France! When I returned to Canada I moved to Banff, Alberta where I continued to work in the restaurant industry; an industry I am eternally grateful to as it allowed me to see the world!


In my mid-twenties I moved back to Toronto, and through a series of events ended up working downtown for a large insurance company, where I stayed for 3-years. Although this was quite the change for me, I enjoyed both the work and the people. However, as someone who has always been interested in art and design, I decided I wanted to follow my passions and forge a career in a field that I truly loved! So as a driven, mature student, I completed my four-year Bachelor's degree and internship is just three short years, and I am now ready to start my new career!


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