I absolutely love do-it-yourself projects, and you'll usually find me with a few on the go. This is just a small sample of some of the projects I recently completed, but I look forward to sharing more projects, designs and ideas with you soon!


For more ideas, check out some of these inspiring D.I.Y. project saves on my PINTEREST page.


This bar cart is a project that I am currently working on. I modelled it in Google SketchUp, making sure to design all the pipes and fittings to scale. I then counted out all of the pipe sizes and pieces I would need, as well as the amount of each type of connector (T-shape, L-shape and straight). I am using copper pipes for this project, as it turns out it is cheaper and easier to work with (as they are readily available). The pipes can be cut by hand using a hand-held copper tubing cutter. I am currently in the process of cutting all the pipes, and will update this post with the rest of the steps and a picture of the finished bar cart once I am finished (hopefully soon).


I'm super exciting about this project and look forward to entertaining and making some fabulous cocktails!



This is a floating media unit that I designed in AutoCAD and later built, but it could have easily been designed in another program/software. I designed each of the six sides of the media to exact measurements, and got the pieces cut at my local hardware store. I used pine, but any solid wood could do. I left a 1-inch space between the back and bottom pieces to allow the cords to run into the unit, and I drilled a 1-inch hole in the top for the wires to run up into the T.V. The front panel folds outward and is connected to the bottom with special cabinet hinges.


Once it was assembled I just stained it and put on a layer of polyurethane to protect it. I need to clean up the wires a bit at the bottom of the unit, but I just love the sleek modern look! I wrapped fabric that matched the walls around the cords leading to the T.V. to conceal the cord (I am renting so I can't run the cords behind the wall). The best thing is this entire project cost me under $100!


I used the leftover stain from the media unit to jazz up this Ikea dresser. I then changed out the hardware for these fun antiqued brass lion's heads!

This is a feature wall that I did for my friend's master bedroom.

The first step was to apply gold paint to the wall, then we added various thicknesses of high quality painter's tape in random criss-crosses. After all of that taping, we painted 1-2 coats of the top layer of paint, and once dry we removed all the tape in the opposite order in which it was applied (see tips below).


TIPS: Make sure to leave a tab hanging off  the edge of each piece of tape, so that you can number each piece as you apply it to the wall. When you're ready to pull off the tape, you will want to start with the last piece you applied (in order to avoid it peeling off in a tangled web). This will also make the lines much cleaner and sharper.


Also, for very thin lines, look for grout tape (typically in a different section of the hardware store than the painter's tape).


These are just some old trays I spruced up using a bit of tape and spray paint.

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